Word Enchanter In The Kitchen Answers

Here are Wordbrain 2 Word Enchanter In The Kitchen Answers, Solutions or Cheats

In The Kitchen Level 1 – Blender, Knife, Fridge, Bowl, Grater, Patter, Skillet, Stove, Fryer, Grinder, Masher
In The Kitchen Level 2 – Toaster, Spoon, Food, Cupboard, Ladle, Ramekin, Saucer, Apron, Juicer, Thermometer
In The Kitchen Level 3 – Microwave, Mug, Mixer, Chopstick, Mortar, Sieve, Tongs, Griddle, Opener, Corkscrew
In The Kitchen Level 4 – Oven, Fork, Sink, Plate, Napkin, Pitcher, Spatula, Cookbook, Dishwasher, Sharpener
In The Kitchen Level 5 – Grill, Glass, Freezer, Cutlery, Pestle, Skewers, Steamer, Colander, Teaspoon, Whisk